Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cavendo Announces Winner for “What is a Cavendo?” Contest

MANASSAS, Va., January 25, 2011 - Cavendo Corporation, a Northern Virginia web design, development, and strategy firm, today announced the results of its recent "What is a Cavendo?" contest. Partnering with JTC Media Productions, Cavendo had the video produced with the help of many local businessmen, actors, and even the Mayor of the City of Manassas. The company promoted the contest in recent months asking for text and video entries on its website and through various social networking sites. Many entries were received displaying both creativity and humor. The Cavendo Team voted unanimously on the winning video entry published on YouTube by Carrie Cross of Manassas.

Jonathan Arehart, CEO & President at Cavendo, had this to say about the winning video: "Out of all of the entries we all agreed that Carrie's video involved the most effort and seemed the most fun!” Carrie's video follows:

The prize for posting the winning entry was an Amazon Kindle.

The contest was created as a fun way to bring together the local residential and business communities. The employees at Cavendo participate in a variety of community outreach programs and are very active with the Prince William Chamber of Commerce among other local organizations.

About Cavendo Corporation

Cavendo Corporation, located at 9500 Technology Drive in Manassas, VA, provides custom web site design, development, maintenance, and hosting services for a wide range of clients. Cavendo also built and maintains MyMediaRoom, a fully-integrated and hosted content management and distribution platform primarily designed for media room content. For more information about Cavendo, visit their web site at www.cavendo.com, follow on Twitter @cavendo, or become a fan at Facebook.com/cavendo. For more information about MyMediaRoom, visit www.MyMediaRoom.com or follow on Twitter @mymediaroom.